OTP Internet Banking

Secure and non-stop access

to your business accounts

Save time

without traveling to the bank

Flexibility and control

in transaction management

It is much easier to take care of all the activities of your business, when you have simple and reliable services at hand. You can now manage your business bank accounts and perform a multitude of remote and secure transactions through OTP Internet Banking.

OTP Internet Banking (Internet Payments application) can be accessed through a browser, from any computer or tablet connected to the Internet.

Your advantages

  • You benefit from an extended operating schedule compared to the bank's counters;
  • You benefit from increased security by using the most advanced security technologies for authentication and transaction authorization;
  • You have unlimited access to bank accounts on any computer or tablet connected to the Internet;
  • You can view your account balance in real time and download your transaction history / details whenever you need;
  • Open online current, savings or deposit accounts;
  • You make transfers from account to account, by simply entering the name of the Beneficiary, to whom you have made transactions before;
  • Make cash and currency payments quickly and easily;
  • Create and manage payment / and transfer templates / patterns as you want;
  • Set scheduled payments for service providers and other payments;
  • You make foreign exchange whenever you need *;
  • View bank card information and transactions;
  • View credit information;
  • Communicate with the bank via secure messaging and Chat;
  • You can call the support service, at any time and in any circumstance;
  • You can locate the nearest Branch or ATM on the map.

*in accordance with the schedule for the execution of payment orders

To join the OTP Internet Banking service you need:

  1. to have at least a current account in national currency at OTP Bank
  2. the company's data to be registered with the Bank, to be current and valid.

* the relations between the Bank and the Client within the OTP Internet Banking service are regulated by the General Banking Conditions.

Remote accession

  1. Download the application for remote accession and fill in the shaded fields in gray,
  2. Apply the advanced and qualified electronic signature and send the request to the email address: business.support@otpbank.md

After joining, access the OTP Internet Banking service following the instructions we have provided in our user manuals.

Accession in bank branches

  1. Come to the management branch;
  2. Provide the Personal Advisor with all the information necessary to connect to the OTP Internet Banking service and authenticate the Membership Application.

After joining, access the OTP Internet Banking service following the instructions we have provided in our user manuals.

Required documents

Support service

You can obtain more information by calling your personal advisor or the Support Service, from Monday to Friday, between 08: 30-17: 30, at 022 812 555 or on business.support@otpbank.md for:

  • Assistance in using the service
  • Token support (device and application)
  • 24/7 support, in case of blocking the access of the Users or the Token
  • Support for unlocking User or Token access
  • Support for generating the (additional) Access Password
  • Request information related to the settings of Users in the service
  • Request to change data related to the service administrator within the company