Financing ceiling

Flexible and advantageous financing

of current expenses

Quick and timely access

to approved resources

Customized solutions

for any activity

Whether it is a start-up company and the need to build working capital, or the company in question already has a period of existence and the time has come to expand, an immediate solution is to approve a financing ceiling.

The optimal functioning of a company is largely based on the size of working capital and how the financial aspect of the business is managed. Often, additional financial sources are needed.

Your advantages

  • Approval of a financing limit for a period of up to 60 months;
  • You can efficiently manage the approved limit depending on your needs;
  • Commission for non-use the ZERO ceiling limit;
  • You can cover the expenses related to the operational activity;
  • Flexible approach to guarantees;
  • Personalized attitude and expert advice.