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Bank Guarantees

A Bank Guarantee is an irrevocable commitment of a bank to pay the amount as specified in the guarantee, to the Beneficiary, upon their first request, if the Applicant does not fulfil their commercial duties.

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e-Guarantee by OTP Bank

Choose e-Guarantee from OTP Bank for taking part in tenders or for guaranteeing the contractual commitments now, with the qualified advanced electronic signature applied by the authorized representative of the Bank.

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Letter of credit

Opt in to use the method of payment by Letter of Credit (L/C) in order to have a guarantee that international payments are realised at the highest security level

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Letter Of Credit Discounting

Discounting of a letter of credit is a post export financing transaction (without recourse) for the exporter; the bank buys the value of the documents presented in conform to a Letter of Credit with deferred payment terms and make payment to the exporter’s account before maturity.

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Documentary Collection

Documentary Collection is a payment instrument used in international trade, when the Exporter present to Buyer’s bank the set of documents for the delivery, giving clear instructions on the way of documents release to the Importer (against acceptance/payment).

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