Scheduled payments

Save time for what really matters

Save time

 by avoiding the queues at the counters


in determining the periodicity of payments

ZERO costs for service

Now it's easier to take care of your loved ones! Opt for automated transfers between current accounts opened at OTP Bank and replenish the accounts of loved ones without going to the bank.
Moreover, you can use the Scheduled Payments service if you want to save part of your salary, supplementing your savings account on a monthly basis or to pay for some recurring services / bills. The amount of transfers and their periodicity can be determined by yourself. Very simple!

Your advantages

  • You have ZERO costs for service
  • You save time for what really matters
  • You are the one who determines the beneficiaries, the amounts and frequency of transfers (daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly)
  • You have control over the payments made through the account statement

How do you activate the service?

You can activate the service in any of the branches. It is necessary to have a current account in MDL, with or without an attached card.

Required documents
  • Identity card

Useful information, regulations, costs

Tariffs for individuals