Social responsibility


By the initiatives OTP Bank supports, it encourages the population and its staff to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, it promotes both, the sport in air and the movement and the healthcare for each person. 

Football Academy for Children ”Zimbru”

A future partnership through which we want to promote the sport through the our day young persons is in supporting the Football Academy for Children ”Zimbru”. By the regular workout, the children will discover and develop being guided by the professional trainers, sport skills and abilities, simultaneously with a harmonious and complete development of the body. The work and the passion of these children for the football will give birth to the following talents in the Moldovan football. We support the sport events of the academy and the successes of the young players.


National Rugby Federation  

OTP Bank was the official and principal partner of the National Rugby Federation of Moldova starting with 2008 year. We assumed fully this engagement, promoting this sport and offering equipment for the game, balls, board for showing the score, prizes for the performance of the rugby players who are highly appreciated by the National Olympic Committee of the Ministry of Health and Sports, financial support for the participation to different sport championship and events.    

OTP Bank promoted rugby inclusively by organizing the ”OTP Bank” tour which annually bring together more than 400 children of different regions of Moldova.

Beneficiating of the support of OTP Bank, the Moldovan rugby exceled with special performances and in 2015 year the national rugby team was declared „the Team of the Year” by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We were near the national rugby team of the Republic of Moldova, together with the supporters and the staff when started the European Championship, Trophy Division, edition 2016 – 2017 and it got the first victory with special performances.


Intelligence Sport supported by the OTP Bank Chess Cup

Starting with 2016 year, when two furniture sets were installed in „Mihai Eminescu” of Chisinau for chess playing, OTP Bank became a supporter of this noble game. The chess fans even today enjoy the modern conditions and night lighting due to a photovoltaic board based on sun energy for practicing this sport and also being an occasion of socialization. 

The collaboration with the Specialized Sport School of Chess and Checkers no. 7 of Chisinau also facilitated launching the OTP Bank Chess Cup. Every year, the chess tournament brings together more than one hundred of chess players who are up to 16 years, through them the chess champions and vice-champions of Moldova. The results of the chess tournament were registered for the ELO calculation to the Chess International Federation being used for performing the normative for the candidate to the chess master.

An identical complex of furniture was installed in 2017 in Balti municipality, it being a continuity of the engagement of OTP Bank toward the communities where it develops its activity.


We encourage the cycling

OTP Bank was the first bank which offered to its client and staff the commodity and safety for parking their bikes. This social project comes from the bank engagement for the protection of the environment and the reduction of the CO2 emissions.  

The first bicycle parking parks were arranged in 2011 year and this practice was continued for several branches of the bank of Chisinau and regions which by its example encourages the actions for a locality less polluted! 

The clients and the staff can park safely their bikes while being served at the bank.