Social responsibility


OTP Bank supports the financial education and innovation managing partnerships with different educational institutions and organization of this field.


"OK" Foundation for Financial Education
A large scale project patronized by the Bank is the establishment of OK Foundation for Financial Education on December 5, 2019 with the purpose of supporting and promoting a responsible financial attitude through the children, young people and adults of the Republic of Moldova. 

We offer in an attractive and dynamic manner financial education programs for children, young people and adults which strive to the costs efficient planning and the financial independence.  

Our programs are developed based on own methodology set by Fáy András team of Hungary during 20 years of creation. We use the educational method edutainment which supposes interaction and learning through playing. We apply modern concepts and innovative tools and the materials are specifically created for each age group. 

We have interaction with the participants based on the following principles:

  • We learn while enjoying.
  • We use practical examples and exercises which simulate the reality.
  • We rely on the personal experience of trainers.
  • We pay attention to the needs of others.

We collaborate with the international consultants and we will for the first time implement in the Republic of Moldova free trainings which are internationally attested.

By our activities we plan to develop financial, economic and resource managing skills so that each participant will become aware of the way in which the money is perceived, spent, saved, borrowed, invested. 

Collaboration partnerships with different institutions
OTP Bank invests in the qualitative education and supports the persons passionate about information technologies pupils, students, Olympic team) in developing the entrepreneur skills and in realizing their innovative ideas through the collaboration partnership with  “Youth Development for Innovation” Foundation. OTP Bank also collaborates with the Academy of Economic Studies appreciating the remarkable results of the students and organizing financial informational trainings.

Beside its own projects of financial education, OTP Bank also participates to other projects as would be ”Învață. Dă sens banilor/Learn, Make sense of money” , organized by the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) and the National Commission for Financial Markets (NCFM).