Social responsibility



OTP Bank organized and participated to different charity campaigns for supporting the communities and the persons who are in difficult situation. During the time, the bank made several donations for the schools and lyceums of Chisinau and rural areas and before the winter holidays it organizes theatre spectacles with the gifts for the children with Down syndrome, sightless or disadvantaged families.  


Special Olympics
OTP Bank is the partner of „Special Olympics” Moldova starting with 2010 year, supporting the association mission of social inclusion of children with physical and intellectual disabilities by movement and sport activities.  

During this partnership we were near the disciples of the sports movement Special Olympics by the financial support in organizing the sport events and the participation to the World Games Special Olympics of 2015 year and 2019 year. Every year we celebrate together the International Day of the Persons with Disabilities by the sport, music and dance events.


Special boarding school for blind and visually impaired children of Balti city
During several years, OTP Bank was the friend in need of the specialized school and donated it computers, a performant colored printer with big resolution, Braille language books, school supplies and other things which are necessary for the educational process of children with special needs. 


„Coolege vitamine” together with OTP Bank and UNDP
In 2016, with the support of OTP Bank, more than 3500 children of the public schools and kindergartens of Chisinau municipality received snacks of fresh fruits. The campaign „ Vitamin colleagues ", initiated by UNDP (United Nations Development Programs) with the bank support has the purpose in educating the healthy nutritional habits through children of pre-school and school level, from an early age. By encouraging the consumption of fruits, supporting the local producers. The social project provides a long term collaboration between UNDP Moldova and OTP Bank for promoting the innovative technologies for the minimum fruit processing and encouraging the fruit consumption through the staff of the bank and outside it.   

In 2017, OTP Bank continued the social initiative for encouraging the fresh fruit consumption by the Campaign „De la mere – ia putere” and it arranged at its branches baskets with apples for its staff and clients.