Mastercard NEOS

Credit card with a grace period of up to 60 days and approval from 15 minutes

Quick approval in at least 15 minutes *

 in at least 15 minutes *

ZERO card opening and servicing fees

de deschidere și deservire a cardului

Grace period

of up to 60 days

Your advantages

Mastercard NEOS - the card that gives you access to a reusable line of credit, so that you have more freedom in daily or unplanned purchases, both in the country and abroad.

  • You have ZERO commission for opening and servicing the card
  • Get quick credit line approval based on identity card *
  • You benefit from a grace period of up to 60 days, during which you do NOT pay interest
  • You can reuse the credit limit after each card refund
  • You pay quickly, with a simple touch, thanks to the Contactless technology
  • You shop anywhere in the world, including the Internet, without commissions
  • Enjoy online safety thanks to 3D Secure technology
  • You have non-stop access to operations with OTP Internet and Mobile Banking
  • You receive SMS alerts for each operation performed, if you opt for a SMS Banking subscription
  • You can withdraw cash at ATMs in the country or abroad, paying a commission

* The approval term may depend on the loan amount / complexity of the credit file, and the interest rate may depend on both the loan amount and the customer category (customers receiving their salary on Mobiasbanca - OTP Group cards, customers with a positive credit history or operating in the medical sector). If the information on the applicant's income from the State Tax Service database is inconclusive or missing, it will be necessary to submit additional confirmatory documents.


  • Card type: Mastercard credit
  • Currency: LEI
  • Technology: EVM (built-in chip) and Contactless
  • Period of validity: 2 years

Required documents

  • Identity card (in original)
  • Credit application
  • Other documents, as appropriate

How to use a credit card correctly?

Take advantage of the grace period! For the sum of all purchases in stores and on the Internet, paid with a credit card in the current month and fully refunded by the end of next month, you will NOT pay interest!
The grace period applies if you do not have interest and commission arrears and is not valid for cash withdrawals.

If you do not have the opportunity to return the entire amount to benefit from the grace period, repay monthly at least 5% of the total amount of credit used. This way you avoid penalties and continue to enjoy your credit card.

Representative example: For a credit card, with an approved limit of 5 000 MDL, with a fixed interest rate of 12.60%, for a period of 24 months, with zero annual administration fee, zero opening fee, zero fee for payment to merchants or online and 3% cash withdrawal fee at the ATM, if the full limit is used:
1) at merchants or online and permanently respecting the grace period of up to 60 days during the validity of the card - annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) is 0%, and in case of repayment in equal parts during 20 months, the minimum monthly amount for payment will be 278 MDL and annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) is 13.35% (calculations are for example purposes only).
2) by withdrawing the cash at the ATM repaying in equal parts during 20 months, the minimum monthly amount for payment will be 278 MDL and annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) is 17.53% (calculations are for example purposes only).
The bank warns consumers about the responsibility for repaying loans.

How do you repay the money on the credit card?

You can charge the card easily and quickly:

  • By cash deposits at CASH-IN ATMs or Mobiasbanca counters - OTP Group
  • By transfer from current accounts opened at Mobiasbanca - OTP Group, via OTP Internet and Mobile Banking or MobiasSMS
  • By interbank transfer from current accounts opened with other banks, using the Internet / Mobile Banking services of these banks

How to get a credit card?

Come to any branch with the original documents requested


Fill in the online form and we will contact you as soon as possible

Useful information, regulations, costs

Information on the conditions for issuing and servicing bank cards (pdf)