Credits for young entrepreneur at 6% fixed annual interest rate

Credits for young entrepreneur at 6% fixed annual interest rate

Are you a young entrepreneurs and do you dream of a business of yours?

Choose OTP Bank as your reliable partner! Take the advantage of the financing offer now and feed the business you develop, with resources, expertise and visions.

The credits are provided within the Youth Credit Facility Programme (stage II) launched by the Ministry of Finance, and are granted through the crediting programmes managed by the Public Institution – Office for External Assistance Programmes Management:

  • IFAD I Refinancing
  • RISP I Refinancing
  • RISP II Refinancing
  • PAC II Refinancing

The following are the direct advantages you get:

  • Fixed annual interest rate – 6%
  • Financing amount up to 1,500,000 MDL (total exposure per Beneficiary)
  • One-time commission for credit granting – only 5%of the amount of credit granted
  • Grace period up to 12 months
  • Wide range of eligible measures, to finance both investments and independent floating capital

Do not postpone the growth of your business, tick the terms and conditions below, and apply for financing!

  • You are a citizen of the Republic of Moldova (an individual, who carries on his/her business or legal activities) and you have a registered address in the Republic of Moldova
  • You are aged from 18 up to and including 35
  • You possess a minimum of 75% of the company/business property*
  • You operate in the agricultural business, in rural areas of the country, or in any other sector of eligible activities all over the country’s territory

For extra information, please, call us at 022 256 456
 and ask an appointment with a Bank’s counsellor at any branch of OTP Bank.

OTP Bank –
is your reliable partner.

*Provided that the business/company/sub-loan is not assigned, donated or alienated within the first two years after financing.

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