OTP Bank is transitioning to the next generation of ATMs

OTP Bank is transitioning to the next generation of ATMs

Time is the only result, which you can measure your everyday choices with. Hence, OTP Bank provides the best solutions for any choice, so that you will be a step away from achievement of your small and big goals.

Being smart in banking, means comprehending the up-to-the-minute solutions and technologies. Namely, this idea characterised our activities in 2021, a year when we started a large process of modernization of our ATM network. Already installed ATMs provide new functionalities, security and promptness of money management.

Security is an advantage of our new ATMs. The high level of data protection is ensured by the use of special detectors that identify the ‘card pirating’ devices. This is for the first time in the Republic of Moldova, when ATMs of OTP Bank have also incorporated the newest and most secured models of safe boxes complying with CEN 3 and CEN 4 protection standards, thus ensuring the highest level of protection against tampering attempts and guaranteeing, to the contrary, the reliability and permanent availability for our clients. Moreover, the monitoring system, which precisely traces the banknotes, allows clearer cash funds management and provides irrevocable proofs of transactions made.

As for the future, the concept of ATM Banking from OTP Bank will be extended by progressive replacement of operating systems, thus providing a superior experience in use and an increased security standard.

We would like to remind that ATMs of OTP Bank:

  • Are easily detected, because they are painted in the green colour of OTP brand and may be quickly localised via OTP Internet and Mobile Banking application,
  • Are provided with NFC technology and can get connected to devices or bank cards (Visa or Mastercard), which have the same technology, by simply touching the Contactless mode in the left part of the ATM façade,
  • Fulfil operations more rapidly and take up to 200 banknotes per transaction,
  • Process cash deposit transactions instantly, while the monetary funds are credited into the account in few seconds and are immediately available for any transactions or payments,
  • Provide the 24/7 cash deposit option, inclusively in USD and EUR, without considering the working hours of that or another branch.

Banking may be quick, digital and friendly, when all the parties concerned, i.e. both the Bank and their clients, stand for intelligent and eco-friendly solutions.

Since OTP Bank is an eco-friendly bank, it stands for modern and reliable ATMs, which also have a reduced energy consumption. Maximisation of the banknote storage capacity of ATMs leads to considerable reduction of the frequency of cash manipulation and carriage operations, thus also reducing the carbon footprint.

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